BrainVoyager v23.0

Plugin Develoopment

BrainVoyager provides a application programming interface (API) that developers can use to extend its capabilities by writing cross-platform C/C++ extension programs, called "plugins". Since the developed code is written in C/C++, custom routines run with maximal performance on all supported platforms, including Windows, macOS and Linux. Access to created shared libraries is embedded in the user interface. Plugins can be called like any other function of the program from the Plugins menu. The development of plugins is very efficient because plugins have access to the internals of BrainVoyager including pointers to memory blocks that store core data of volume and surface documents. Since C/C++ developers can access data of loaded documents and build on available routines, they are freed from reinventing the wheel and they can focus on those new routines they are really interested in. From this point of view, the provided API can be viewed as a high-level data analysis language. Plugins are best suited for adding computational routines, such as special preprocessing routines, statistical functions or segmentation routines. They also allow to create various types of plots. GUI Plugins combine C/C++ "backend" development with frontend user interfaces coded with QML and JavaScript. If you are interested to write plugins for BrainVoyager, please consult the C++ Developer Guide that is available from the Help menu of BrainVoyager.

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