BrainVoyager v23.0

Mesh Morphing Movies

When including mesh vertex position information in movie states, mesh morphing movies can be created to visualize, for example, cortex inflation and flattening. Since vertex coordinates information is not used as default for BrainVoyager movies, it is important to turn on the Include vertex coordinates option in the State Storage tab of the Movie Studio window before creating the morphing video.

When states are now added, the vertex position coordinates and vertex normals of all meshes in the 3D Viewer are stored in the BrainVoyager movie and any change of vertex positions / normals is interpolated between states. The snapshots below show four rendered frames of an inflation movie that was generated by adding just two states, i.e. when the cortex mesh was folded (state 1) and when the same cortex mesh was inflated (state 2). By adding a third state containing again the folded mesh, a movie can be created that first inflates flollowed by a deflation.

Note that this two-state movie does not reflect the actual inflation timecourse very well, which shows initially rapid changes followed by a slower process when going towards the fully inflated cortex. In order to get a more realistic representation of the inflation process, one can of course add several states from the actual inflation process as states.

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