BrainVoyager v23.0

Opening and Saving Documents

In order to open functional, anatomical and diffusion-weighted documents, the Open Document icon in the main toolbar, the Open item in the File menu or the CTRL+O (CMD+O on macOS) keyboard shortcut can be used.. To open a NIfTI file, the Open NIfTI item in the File menu or the SHIFT+F keyboard shortcut can be used. These actions will call a standard File Open dialog in BrainVoyager's current directory, which can be used to select an exisitng file in the presented directory or in any other directory that can be reached by using standard directory tree navigation commands. Note that files can also easily be opened using the Data Analysis Manager.

In order to open a standard template brain in MNI or Talairach space, use the Open MNI VMR and Open TAL VMR items in the File menu. 

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