BrainVoyager v23.0

The BV Notebook User Interface

BV Notebook GUI

The user interface (UI) of the BV Notebook main window allows to enter and run code and author notebook documents interactively. The Menu and Toolbar at the top of the main window are used to trigger general actions. Hovering over a toolbar button will reveal its name that will be used to describe triggered actions in subsequent sections. The Notebook Area below the toolbar contains the cells defining the notebook document. Actions in the menu or toolbar operating on a cell are applied to the currently active cell (see below) that is usually highlighted with a blue frame.

Navigating the Cell Sequence

At a general level, a BV notebook document consists of a sequence of cells containing Python code, Markdown text, images and interactive viewers. Code or text is entered in the currently active cell. A cell can be made the active cell simply by clicking on its contents. Another way to change the active cell is by navigating through the cell sequence upwards or downwards by pressing the CURSOR UP and DOWN keys while holding down the CTRL key on Windows and Linux or the CMD key on macOS; this will make the previous or next cell the new current cell as indicated by the blue highlight frame.

Document and File Actions

The following actions operate on notebook documents and files:

Rearranging Order of Cells

The following editing commands can be used to change the position of cells in the document:

Adding and Removing Cells

The following actions can be used to add new cells to the notebook and to clean the output of code cells:

Display Settings

The following actions can be used to change the notebook display and behavior:

GUI Adjustments

The following actions allow changing the user interface and operation of the BV Notebook window:

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