BrainVoyager v23.0

Inspecting Workflow Reports

Besides the data produced as output, workflows also generate quality reports as BrainVoyager notebooks. The goal of the provided information is to present a summary of the steps of the processesing pipeline executed by a workflow, including chosen parameter settings. Furthermore, workflow reports contain images and animations of obtained results for many processing steps serving as a quality assurance tool, i.e. the images and animations support efficient verification whether executed routines have operated as expected for each subject. As an example, the figure below shows a screenshot of a created quality report after running the anatomical normalization workflow.

The overlay of the contours of the MNI template brain on the transformed individual brain of subject 01 helps to quickly verify that the transformatoin has worked successfully. Futhermore, the display is actually not a picture but an animation visualizing the transformation from native space to MNI space in a dynamic way as shown below.

The following topics describe all available workflows in more detail including the generated reports.  

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