BrainVoyager v23.0

Image Cells

Image cells can be inserted in several ways. From the notebook window, an image cell can be added before or after the current cell using the Insert Image Cell Above or Insert Image Cell Below item in the Cells menu. More conveniently, an image cell can be added after the current cell by selecting Image Cell in the popup on the right side of the + icon in the toolbar. The added image cell will show a placeholder image (blue rectangle with some text). In order to replace it with an image on disk, double click the palcehoder image and select the desired image in the appearing Open File dialog.

Another very useful possibility to add image cells to a notebook is by sending images from BrainVoyager's main user interface using keyboard shortcuts:

When sending a screenshot to the notebook, a sound will be played if the snapshot could be made. The image and additional items such as an optional figure caption can be customized by opening the Edit Image Properties dialog that can be invoked by double-clicking (or SHIFT-clicking) the image. The image can also be annotated with text, arrows, rectangles and ellipses by CTRL-clicking the image, which will invoke the Image Annotator.

Note. In case that the ImageReporter window is open in BrainVoyager, the screenshots are sent to this window instead of the notebook for further processing (e.g. to create animations). In order to send a screenshot to the notebook, make sure that the Image Reporter has been closed.

To edit properties of the image and additional information, one can open the Edit Properties

Note. Images are stored inside the notebook allowing easy sharing without needing the external image files. To not create unnecessary large notebooks, images should be added in a reasonable size, i.e. it might be advised to rescale them before adding.

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