BrainVoyager QX v2.8


Segmentation is an important structural processing step for many applications in BrainVoyager QX. It is an essential prerequisite for volume rendering as well as surface rendering of the head and brain. While it is very easy to segment and render the skin surface of the head, the successful segmentation of the cerebral cortex is a very difficult task requiring the combination of several 3D image processing tools. While these tools are used in sequence during automatic cortex segmentation, they can also be used in isolation allowing to segment and render other anatomical structures such as the ventricles or the cerebellum. Furthermore, advanced cortex segmentation tools are provided that expect sub-millimeter resolution data sets producing precise segmentations of the inner (white/grey matter) and outer (pial) boundary of the cortex; these precise cortex segmentations can be used, for example, to perform precise estimates of cortical thickness. To improve the quality of brain segmentation, spatial intensity inhomogeneities should be corrected first.

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