BrainVoyager 2000 Training Courses

Brain Innovation B.V. announces the second BrainVoyager 2000 Training Course which will be held in Maastricht, The Netherlands. This two-day training course will be held by Rainer Goebel and colleagues and will cover both basic (first day) and advanced (second day) features of BrainVoyager. Special focus will be on new automatic and manual tools in BrainVoyager 2000 v4.2 for segmentation of grey and white matter and on cortex-based Independent Component Analysis.

Release of BrainVoyager 2000 v4.2

This new version of BrainVoyager comes with many new features and substantial improvements including a region-of-interest analysis tool, protocols with msec resolution allowing the analysis of event-related paradigms with randomized ISIs, cortex-based ICA, automatic removal of "bridges" in segmented hemispheres, a proper treatment of serial correlations and the superposition of multiple surface maps. We will send the new release automatically to all customers. If you are using BrainVoyager and you did not receive a copy automatically, please send us an email.

Release of BrainVoyager QX Version 1.4 for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X

The new release of BrainVoyager QX is now available via the automatic web update tool containing many new features, including (cortex-based) Independent Component Analysis, a new group-based cortex-based alignment routine, vertex movies and much more - for details check the v1.4 release notes.

Release of BrainVoyager QX 1.7 with exciting new features

he new release of BrainVoyager QX is now available for download containing many new features, improvements and bug fixes. Advanced segmentation tools allow high-quality segmentation of the white / grey matter and grey / CSF boundaries, which can be used to measure cortical thickness in individual brains. Furthermore, group-level cortical thickness analysis (CTA) can now be performed using cortically aligned brains. The new "Self-Organizing Group ICA Plugin", implemented by Fabrizio Esposito, allows group level ICA by analyzing the spatial similarity of independent components across subjects. The "NIfTI-1 Converter Plugin", implemented by Hester Breman, allows to exchange data with other fMRI software packages. Check the release notes for a description of additional substantial enhancements and important bug fixes.