HBM 2002: Introducing the BrainVoyager product family

At this year's Human Brain Mapping Conference in Sendai, Japan, Brain Innovation B.V. is proud to present the BrainVoyager product family. The greatly expanded product line includes BrainVoyager 2002 (Windows platform), BrainVoyager QX (multi-platform = Windows, Mac OS X and Linux/Unix), Turbo-BrainVoyager (multi-platform), BrainVoyager Viewer (multi-platform), BrainVoyager BrainTutor (multi-platform) as well as new Demo and Trial versions. Most of these programs will be available shortly for download. The BrainVoyager Viewer, BrainVoyager BrainTutor and the BrainVoyager Demo programs do not require any license and can be freely distributed. To see the new family in action, come to our booth at the conference. As a pre-event to the HBM, there will also be a BrainVoyager and BESA Training Seminar in Sendai.