Virtual Exhibition at 26th Annual OHBM Meeting

If you are attending this years online Human Brain Mapping conference please visit our virtual booth and you'll meet BrainVoyager experts answering your questions! We are thrilled to show you the upcoming BrainVoyager 22.0 version featuring deep-learning based segmentation of high-resolution anatomical bran scans as well as BrainVoyager Notebooks offering an innovative approach to transparent and reproducible data analysis for Python programmers as well as for non-programmers! We will also show you the released BrainVoyager EDU version that can be used free of charge for enabled (BIDS) datasets; BrainVoyager EDU is the ideal software to teach (e.g. in courses) and (self-)learn how to analyse and visualise structural and functional neuroimaging data from basic to advanced tools including scripting and programming using Python. We are also excited to tell you more about our real-time fMRI software Turbo-BrainVoyager 4.0 that features MNI support, GPU based high-quality motion correction and tools important for clinical neurofeedback studies. In our partnership with NIRx we are excited to present the latest version of our real-time fNIRS software Turbo-Satori and a first look at our upcoming offline software Satori for multi-session group analyses and advanced analysis and visualisation options.