Commercial and Free Products

Brain Innovation B.V. is developing scientific software in the field of human and animal brain imaging, neural network simulation and computer-based experimental control. Our current major product, BrainVoyager QX, is a commercially available cross-platform neuroimaging tool, which is used in hundreds of labs across the planet. Turbo-BrainVoyager is an easy to use program for real-time data analysis, which allows to observe a subject's or patient's brain activity during an ongoing functional MRI scanning session. TMS Neuronavigator provides the hard- and software to navigate a TMS coil to desired anatomical or functionally defined brain regions. We also provide free software products. BrainVoyager Brain Tutor allows to learn about brain areas by clicking on rotatable 3D brain models. StimulDX is a powerful stimulation software based on Microsofts DirectX API, which we will make available for free download in the near future. For more information about our products, please follow the links below.

Commercial neuroimaging software products:

Free software products: