Training Courses

Dear BrainVoyager users,
to provide the maximal flexibility in a complex and modern scientific community, we currently offer three different course models, which are described below. For any details and further questions regarding associated costs, you can always contact support(at)brainvoyager(dot)com.

  1. „BV office course“: A small group of users (up to three people) can visit our Maastricht offices and meet an experienced tutor for one or multiple days to either get a basic introduction to BrainVoyagers functionality or run a more advanced course featuring more complex analysis techniques. User data can be checked if necessary.

  2. „Inhouse course“: In this case an experienced tutor will visit your lab for a couple of days and provides basic and advanced talks as well as help with either a) our own exercise material or b) the analysis of user data.

  3. „Online webinar“: When there is no time or financial options to travel, a course can also be provided online by (usually several) screensharing sessions. In this case users can follow the presentations from their own office and also interact via Voip or chat.

Upcoming Courses

             2018 Courses
October 2018

Rochester, USA
Inhouse Beginners - Intermediate
June 2018

Singapore, Singapore
Inhouse Beginners - Intermediate
February 2018

Tucson, USA
Inhouse Beginners - Intermediate
             2017 Courses
February 2017

Linz, Austria
Inhouse Beginners - Intermediate
February 2017

Tel Aviv, Israel
Inhouse Beginners - Intermediate
January 2017

Hamburg, Germany
Inhouse Beginners - Intermediate
             2016 Courses
November 2016

Singapore, Singapore
Inhouse Beginners - Intermediate
March 2016

Tel Aviv, Israel
Webinar Beginners - Intermediate
             2015 Courses
November 2015

Jerusalem, Israel
Inhouse Intermediate - Advanced
February 2015

Brussels, Belgium
Inhouse Beginners - Advanced
             2014 Courses
October 2014

Juelich, Germany
Inhouse Beginners - Intermediate
March 2014 University Park, USA Inhouse intermediate
June 2014 Hamburg, Germany Intermediate Advanced
             2013 Courses
January 2013 Lille, France Inhouse Beginners - Intermediate
January 2013 Bonn, Germany Inhouse Beginners - Intermediate
March 26 - 27, 2013 Newark, USA Inhouse Intermediate
March 28 - 29, 2013 New York, USA Inhouse Intermediate
April 7-10, 2013 Rehovot, Israel Inhouse Intermediate
June 2013 Seattle, USA Inhouse Beginners - Intermediate
July 2013 Ankara, Turkey Inhouse Beginners - Intermediate
August 2013 Erlangen, Germany Inhouse Beginners - Intermediate
2012 Courses
January 2012 London, Ontario Inhouse - Intermediate
February 2012 Frankfurt, Germany Inhouse Intermediate
March 2012 Maastricht, The Netherlands Intermediate - Advanced
June 2012 Bejing, China Beginners - Intermediate
2011 Courses
January 2011

Maastricht, The Netherlands Turbo-BrainVoyager
February 2011

Louvain, Belgium Beginners - Intermediate
March 2011 Coimbra, Portugal Beginners - Advanced
March 29 - April 1, 2011 Maastricht, The Netherlands Beginners - Intermediate
August 22 - 26, 2011 Coimbra, Portugal Inhouse Beginners - Intermediate
October 2011 London, Canada Intermediate - Advanced
November 26, 2011 Amsterdam, The Netherlands Intermediate
December 2011 Basel, Switzerland Beginners - Intermediate