BrainVoyager QX Plugins

Plugin development. You may download the source code of the "Example" and "DataSimulator" plugins to start your own plugin development. As described in the User's Guide, new versions of BrainVoyager QX may introduce new access commands. If you have developed your plugin with an earlier version of BrainVoyager QX and now want to use some of the latest plugin functions, you need to update the general include files of your plugin. To update the include files, click on the link "" below. After downloading the zip file, extract the contained files into the directory containing the code of your plugin. Do not forget to update the test for the minimally required version of BrainVoyager QX in your plugin code. For further details, consult the "Plugins" chapter of the User's Guide. On some older systems (i.e. on Linux systems with gcc 3.x compilers), you might have to use another variant of the access function include files, which use "static" instead of "extern" definitions. If you encounter problems when testing your plugin (invalid access pointers), use the "" file.

Most recent general plugin include files (v2.0):

At the moment only Windows versions of the plugins are avaliable on this website. To install one of the plugins please extract the zip file into your "My Documents\BVQXExtensions\Plugins_32" or "My Documents\BVQXExtensions\Plugins_64" folder depending on whether you use the 32 or 64 bit version of BrainVoyager (in versions prior to 2.0, the plugins folder was named "Plugins", i.e. without the new "_32" or "_64" sub-string). If the new plugin is located in the correct folder, it will automatically become available in the "Plugins" menu when restarting BrainVoyager.

bullet BOLD Latency Mapping
bullet Fuzzy Clustering of fMRI time series
bullet Cluster-level Statistical Threshold Estimator
bullet Granger Causality Mapping
bullet Group Data Simulator v1.5

Please visit the BrainVoyager Wiki for more helpfull plugins like the NIfTI & GIfTI tools, protocolgenerator, protocollinker and designmatrixgenerator. Descriptions and manuals for these plugins can be found on the same webpage.

If you have any questions or bug reports, please send an email to support at brainvoyager dot com.